Why zuQA was needed?

After getting frustrated by existing API testing tools. zuQA is built by cherry picked features; redesigned to be simple, intuitive and quick. And here is how we do it –

All in one

With all API testing needs in a single app. Intuitive UI and a NoCode editor for assertion testing, scenario testing and load testing

Get rid of multiple apps 😌
Import Postman collection or OpenAPI specs
Nothing new to learn, its #no-code so get started right away
For Mac, Linux and Windows
In-built APM

zuQA has an integrated APM giving out insights of API during its development and help devs write better code

Visualise SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka queries and messages
Breakdown of response time
CPU and memory metrics
Errors and service metadata
Opentracing (coming soon)
Designed for High Usability & Ease
Free forever
No training or Prior experience

We hope you find zuQA productive and use it everyday.


P.S. We are completely independent, self-funded, bootstrapped and debt-free. We're not interested in raising funds or taking investments. zuQA will be free forever and we are also deeply invested in idea of open-sourcing zuQA, we just need to figure how to do it while sustaining.


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Our Journey


July 2019


March 2020

MVP Development Kick-off

July 2020

MVP Release

v1.0.0-alpha | January 2021

The first ready to use version

Functional testsNo-code assertion testsNo-code scenario testsIntegrated APMPython agentNodejs agentImport Postman collectionimport OpenAPI 3.0Dark modeFor Mac, Linux and Windows

Feature Roadmap

Features and key ingredients in our backlog to make zuQA the ultimate API testing tool

February 2021


No-code Load TestingRealtime APM insights under loadResults in JSON and HTML

June 2021


New UI brewed with magic and love

Multi TabsSide-by-side viewKeyboard shortcutsStar collectionTrashboxStore ExamplesGenerate CodeSync with Git Repo or Gist

June 2021


CI Pipelines! Automation

CLI AgentIndependent RuntimeProxy

Aug 2021


Smarter & Intelligent

OpentracingML powered cloud cost prediction

Dec 2021


Teams and Collaboration

Manage teams and accessCloud syncVersioningPull requests

Did we miss something?

Tell us what you would like us to solve.

We are building zuQA in public

For transparency and your trust

Why use zuQA?

Stop using multiple tools and writing multiple configurations for API Testing. zuQA covers all needs and is easy to use and understand with no training or prior experience.

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Quick and easy

Install app and get started by forming APIs or importing your existing Postman collections or OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

Feature check Image

Free forever

zuQA will always be free to use without any limitations. Our monetization strategy is only looking towards ethical and consumer first methods.

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Cutting edge

We took a unique approach for API testing in our flow-chart like API editor to avoid overkilling and keep it simple and intuitive.

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All in one

Simple hit-n-run test to check its working. Or to create long scenarios of multiple APIs with assertions. Or to test your APIs under load. We have covered it all.

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Soon to be OpenSourced

We are deeply invested in idea of open-sourcing zuQA to give-in to community and build trust, we just need to figure how to do it while sustaining.

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Safe and private

zuQA only runs in your local machine and does not requires internet other than for installation, updates and crash reports.

Our MVP is Released

For Mac, Linux and Windows

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